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Lake Ramsey Skate Pavilions 2017

Ice Station (2017)

The 2017 Ice Station project develops research in the area of wood construction in northern winter climates. The ice skating pavilion is temporary structure designed for maximum reuse of materials following disassembly at the end of the season. Similar to the 2016 Warming Hut, this structure employed 2x2 spruce-pine-fur dimensional lumber harvested in Northern Ontario to construct the pavilion. The design process began with an exploration of wood joinery. Numerous prototypes exploring conventional and innovative wood connections lead to a strategy of joining milled 2x2’s using jute twine. The structure was designed to be constructed in five separate units in an interior environment in order to achieve a high level of craftsmanship. The units were designed to nest within each other during transportation and connect with ease using a limited number of tools on the ice surface.


Professor: Mark Baechler

Students: Samantha Casola, Pagmeet Cheema, Caleb Culmone, Steven Enns, Gabriel Fenn, Maxwell Funk, Xiaotong Hu, Nyna Hua, Bryan Lusk, Braeden Martel, Laila Murad, Erica Neofotistos, Daniel Rodrigues, Shenglan Shi and Monica Yacoub.

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Project Start:2016
Year of Completion:2017
Year of Demolition:2017
Life span:4 month(s)
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