A--D Symposium Sheffield

The Do-It-Together Annual Symposium

This inaugural edition will take place at the University of Sheffield on November 14, 2023

at Arts Tower (Basement) LT 04, University of Sheffield (view on map).

You can also join us online >> register here.

Globally, across the many worlds, an increasing number of architects and urban designers are challenging “business-as-usual” and bringing change to populations who formerly had no access to their professional services. Working with concerned communities, these practices are operating “otherwise” to bring professional services to a wider array of citizens and concerns, using an equally wider array of material, technical, financial and social innovations. This symposium, a collaboration between Architecture in Development and the University of Sheffield School of Architecture, is the inaugural edition to focus on such practices which are moving beyond transactional client relations into more profound, trust-based collaborations – perhaps best described as 'doing-it-together' (Sennett 2013).