We are proud to announce that the dbXchange association received a grant from the STO Foundation to develop INSIGHTdb, a series of events, lectures and publications that will be featured on the dbXchange website.

book release 2020-09-01

QUIANÈ II a construction diary in 38 days

In spring 2020, just before the coronavirus pandemic began, we – students of the University of Applied Sciences Munich and the Universidad La Salle in Oaxaca – completed the second and final construction phase of the Quiané DesignBuild Mexico project in the small municipality of Santa Catarina Quiané. This is the documentation of the project laid out like a diary in 38 days. However, the contents are not necessarily intended to represent a chronological development, as many things happen simultaneously or in parallel during the process of planning and construction. Furthermore, our focus is not just the completed building, but also the experiences, impressions, and insights we students gathered over the course of six months, from the planning phase in Munich to the construction phase in Mexico. Our story is about success as well as challenges of an international team of students and lecturers, who by working and living, albeit for a short period, with the people of Santa Catarina Quiané, not only developed an expertise, but also learned a lot about themselves and their own limits.

Language german english, partly spanish

available under:

or: Hochschule München; FK 01; Sekretariat;  Karlstraße 6, 80333 München; *49 (0) 89 1265-26 25

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part of the publication (PDF)


EXPERIENCE IN ACTION! DesignBuild in Architecture: Open until September 13th

OPENING THE last two weeks!!! – SEPTEMBER 13, 2020 in MUNICH

TUM's Architecture Museum is opening its largest and most comprehensive exhibition on “DesignBuild” to date – a teaching method which has a long tradition, but in recent years has become an increasingly popular concept at many universities. The purpose of the exhibition is therefore to inform the general public about the social impact and longterm significance of this teaching method.

Curator | Vera Simone Bader
Exhibition architecture | Labor Fou
Sponsor | Sto-Stiftung, Pin. Freunde der Pinakothek der Moderne, Arte Generali


Publikation 2020 Experience in Action. DesignBuild in Architecture by Vera Simone Bader and Andres Lepik

Edition Detail

DesignBuild is a method of instruction that students use to design and build actual projects at several architecture schools around the world, often in developing countries, but sometimes on their own doorsteps. With DesignBuild, students gain experience that goes far beyond planning and design. The focus is on temporary buildings and long-term projects, experimental approaches and interventions into infrastructures. With respect to the main aspects of research - dialogue - design - build, research contexts and processes of individual projects come under discussion. Constructive aspects and social exchange are also important. The book provides a critical overview of the most exciting DesignBuild projects worldwide.

Editor Vera Simone Bader and Andres Lepik
ISBN number | 978-3955535148
Price | 34,90 €



Learning from Failure - Call for Papers

Deadline 1 June 2018

The Design-Build Exchange (dbX) will be launching its North American portal soon. We are seeking short papers for the second of a peer-reviewed series concentrating on parameters for success in design-build education. For this session, we are collaborating with the DesignBuild Xchange (EU) platform, part of the network Design for the Common Good.

Accepted papers will be presented online in a virtual conference format on Saturday, 8 September 2018. Instructors, students, and administrators from across North America and Europe are invited to tune in online to view and discuss presentations.

Read more here

Abstracts must be submitted through the ACSA online interface. Follow the steps below to begin your submission. The web interface will guide you though the steps to complete your submission.

  • Go to:

  • Login with your ACSA username and password.



aae conference 2017: architecture connects

International peer reviewed conference of the association of architectural educators

6-9 September 2017

Oxford Brookes School of Architecture, Oxford. UK.

Building on the Common Ground: Conference, PIDI and SFI 17 in Portland

Center for Public Interest Design at Portland State University Design Corps, the Social Economic Environmental Design (SEED), dbXchange, and Live Projects Network in collaboration with the are pleased to announce the SEED + dbXchange + Live Projects Network Awards and co-hosted Structures for Inclusion conference.

Speakers (PDF)


Conference Agenda (PDF)


Invitation to enter the World Habitat Awards 2017-18

Every year two outstanding housing projects are selected as winners of the World Habitat Awards. Entries are now open for the 2017-18 awards. We are looking for housing projects and approaches which:  

  • demonstrate practical, innovative and sustainable solutions to current housing issues faced by countries all around the world
  • can be transferred or adapted for use as appropriate
  • are already being implemented or are completed, i.e. not at design stage or very early stages of development
  • view the term habitat from a broad perspective and bring other benefits as well, such as energy or water saving, income generation, social inclusion, community and individual empowerment, health benefits, capacity building or education.

The winning projects will receive a £10,000 prize and international recognition for their achievements along with the chance to attend an award ceremony at a global UN event in 2018.
All entries must be received by 1 March 2017. 

Enter the awards
Find out more

Previous winners and finalists

Wissenskooperation NaBEK_

Discussion, lectures and wokshops related to sustainable disaster management and development aid.


VENUE: humantektur I  Ganghoferstr. 2 | 12043 Berlin

DATE: Berlin, April, 29-30th


>> link to homepage


Design for the Common Good Exhibition is prepared for the trip

Representing design from around the world, the exhibition showcases thirty projects from six continents and twenty-two countries curated from a selection of regional and network-nominated projects. Projects detail their community collaborations and participation methods, project goals and impacts, issues addressed, results, and post-occupancy among others. Evidence of this depth is found throughout the exhibition in photography, plans, videos, and narrative responses that acknowledge the inclusive process each project team has pursued.
Interested parties are encouraged to contact the exhibition curator for terms and conditions of the travel agreement as well as travel logistics, insurance, and scale/size of the show and its inclusions. Funding exists to support travel in part.
Contact: Lisa M. Abendroth Curator & Organizer, Design for the Common Good International Exhibition 303.615.0102 Office I

Traveling exhibition (PDF)


Symposium "Neues Leben für gemeinsame Orte"

Öffentlichen Räumen kommt in unserer zunehmend individualisierten und digitalisierten Gesellschaft eine größere Bedeutung zu: Wir alle benötigen frei zugängliche Flächen, auf denen Begegnung, Austausch und Interaktionen aller Art möglich sind. Öffentliche Plätze sind etwas anderes als kommerziell genutzte Durchgangsorte. Aber wie wird aus einer freien Fläche ein lebendiger Raum?

Das Zentrum für Peripherie NRW veranstaltet dazu das Symposium „Neues Leben für gemeinsame Orte“ am 5.9.22 in Düsseldorf-Garath.

Plakat Symposium Neues Leben (PDF)


Programm Symposium Neues Leben (PDF)


Center for Visual Art presents: Design for the Common Good International Exhibition online

The exhibition highlights projects designed collaboratively with communities to create opportunity and solutions from within. The resulting exchange of ideas in this exhibition provides compelling evidence that designers and stakeholders work best together when sharing local resources and knowledge that aim to improve quality of life for people worldwide.

Here you can visit this amazing exhibition virtually:

Design for the Common Good Exhibition, Denver


DCG exhibition shortlist

The jury decided about the shortlist for the DESIGN FOR THE COMMON GOOD – INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION


Eleven out of 23 projects were selected for step two:

Columbus House, Inc
Auraria Bike Pavilions
Tarkeeb Gatehouse & Garden
Internat Bella Vista
INFOZENTRALE auf dem Vollgut
Ecole Primaire Santiguyah, Guinea
Studio Chamanga - Research Design Build
OBEN AUF / Bed and Breakfast Caritas Unternalb
Pavillon 333
Training center for special education (USAER XXXIV)

(in order of submissiondate)

We concgratulate the winner!


Support the petition with your vote!!!


There is an appeal associated with the present documentation from DesignBuild Studio Quiane II. The project in Santa Catarina Quiané is the last in a series of studios at the Hochschule München (University of applied Sciences Munich). With the petition "Macht mehr DesignBuild" we would like to approach the colleges and universities to point out the importance of DesignBuild in teaching future architects and civil engineers.


You can find more information about the project and about DesignBuild on our website:

NEW - Starting in February 2020 POSTGRADUATE DEGREE | BASEhabitat

Join the new POSTGRADUATE DEGREE | BASEhabitat – Become a builder of change
2nd Call: Sept 30 – Nov 08, 2019

The built environment has an enormous role in the way we live together in this world. Today´s construction activities are extremely resource-intensive and harmful to the environment and our climate.

BASEhabitat invites built environment professionals to develop radically new ideas for dealing with today’s global challenges.




Announcing the 2018 SEED + Pacific Rim Awards Winners for excellence in Public Interest Design


CULTURAL CENTER CHAMANGA, San Jose de Chamanga, Ecuador


HOUSE LOUISANA, Cormiers, Haiti





RE-THATCHING GONJIRO, Shiomi Village, Tateyama, Japan


More Information

CALL: 2018 SEED Awards

Announcing the 2018 SEED + Pacific Rim Awards Competition
For Excellence in Public Interest Design
Call for Entries Now Open

More information HERE

The deadline for each application on all three network platforms is July 15, 2018, 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time. The Award Winners will be announced on the networks’ websites on September 4, 2018.


Interview by the Curry Stone Foundation: Can Design Education Promote Social Justice?

Podcast by the Curry Stone Foundation: Emiliano Gandolfi and Eric Cesal

Epiode 68: Bringing Designers Together, Pt. I

Sergio Palleroni and Jane Anderson offer a history of the collective effort to establish a global network of social design teachers and practitionersEpisode 69:

Epiode 69: Bringing Designers Together, Pt. II

Ursula Hartig and Bryan Bell offer us a glimpse into how Design for the Common Good can provide resources to practitioners and educators across the world.

Listen to podcasts: klick here

more information: klick here



All-inclusive engagement in architecture I Publication - Call for Projects

Eight projects on the topic of All-Inclusive Engagement in Architecture will be selected by peer-review and will be included in an upcoming publication edited by Farhana Ferdous and Bryan Bell.

The case studies sought should portray socially engaged architecture as a broad intellectual project that proposes and presents novel innovative modes of architectural production that serve through architecture a multitude of “others” -- the poor, victims, the famished, the homeless, refugees, insurgents. The book terms this work, taken as a whole, all-inclusive engagement.

more information:



Design for the Common Good - a network of networks

On Thursday 7 September at 3.20pm representatives of SEED, Live Projects network and will present Design for the Common Good, a network of networks at the aae conference 2017 at Oxford Brookes University.

Announcing the winners of the 2017 SEED + dbXchange + Live Projects Network Awards

Design Corps, the Social Economic Environmental Design (SEED), designbuildXchange, and Live Projects Network in collaboration with the Center for Public Interest Design, are pleased to announce the 2017 Awards winners to recognize excellence in public interest design.

Two winners were selected from each of the three networks to exemplify each network’s public interest design principles.

Press Release 2017 Award Winners

Call for Papers “Building on the Common Ground”

Application Deadline:

3 February 2017 – Deadline for abstract submission for Paper proposals.
13 February 2017 – Notification of acceptance for Papers and Workshops.
7 April 2017 – Paper Presentations at Conference
21 April 2017 – Deadline for submission of Full Papers. Note

For seventeen years, the purpose of the SFI conference has been to bring together and share the best ideas and practices that are reaching those currently un-served by the design professions. Continuing that tradition, Design Corps, the Social Economic Environmental Design (SEED), DesignBuildXchange, and Live Projects Network in collaboration with the Center for Public Interest Design at the Portland State University School of Architecture, are pleased to announce the Structures for Inclusion conference call for papers.

Venue: Portland State University, USA


CALL FOR PAPERS public interest design institute 2017 Portland (PDF)


Call For Papers: „Architecture Connects" - aae 2017 conference

International Peer Reviewed Conference
6-9 September 2017, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK
Architecture Connects is an international peer reviewed conference on the theme of architectural education and research that collaborates with people, organisations and other disciplines in real world contexts for their mutual benefit. This includes any external collaboration that engages academics and students in learning, practice or research in order to create new knowledge. The Call For Papers includes Papers, Workshops, Case Studies and Films.
Call for papers:
For more information please visit the aae 2017 conference website:

HANDS ON, June 1-3, 2016 Vienna

on  academic designbuild  studios

The registration for the conference and the excursion will be available end of April 2016.

Fees will be:

Conference (June 1-2, incl. coffee + snacks): € 15,00
Meals with speakers at conference (dinner June 1 + lunch June 2): € 50,00
Excursion (June 3, bus tour incl. Austrian Heurigen-lunch): € 30

Full conference package: € 95,00

Hands- on program (PDF)


New Publication: Public Interest Design Practice Guidebook

Edited by Lisa M. Abendroth, Bryan Bell: Routledge – 2015 – 364 pages
The first book to demonstrate that public interest design has emerged as a distinct profession. It provides clear professional standards of practice following SEED (Social Economic Environmental Design) methodology, the first step-by-step process supporting public interest designers. The book features an Issues Index composed of ninety critical social, economic, and environmental issues, illustrated with thirty case study projects representing eighteen countries and four continents, all cross-referenced, to show you how every human issue is a design issue.
Contributions from Thomas Fisher, Heather Fleming and David Kaisel, Michael Cohen, Michael P. Murphy Jr. and Alan Ricks, and over twenty others cover topics such as professional responsibility, public interest design business development, design evaluation, and capacity building through scaling, along with many more. Themes including public participation, issue-based design, and assessment are referenced throughout the book and provide benchmarks toward an informed practice. This comprehensive manual also contains a glossary, an appendix of engagement methods, a case study locator atlas, and a reading list. Whether you are working in the field of architecture, urban planning, industrial design, landscape architecture, or communication design, this book empowers you to create community-centered environments, products, and systems.

„KITCHEN-HUB table inauguration“ by CoCoon, Berlin

 On the last day of the KITCHEN-HUB summer school the first table and chair modules for Über den Tellerrand kochen were inaugurated in our studio workshop.

The summer school was funded by the STO Stiftung. It was undertaken in a close collaboration between Habitat Unit and CoCoon at Technische Universität Berlin, building on the outcomes of the REFUGEE CITY design studio at Habitat Unit.

Tables and chairs still in the studio, waiting for their final destination (JPG)


International SEED award for 'A Jam Manufactory for NAXIÍ'

The CoCoon- DesignBuild Project: "A Jam Manufactory for Naxií" is one of the winners of the 2015 SEED Award in Public Interest Design. The project will be presented by team members at the fifteenth annual Structures for Inclusion (SFI) conference, co-hosted by the Lawrence Technological University (LTU) April 11th - 12th and 12, 201, 2015 in Detroit.

more information:

Dossier DesignBuild in Arquitectura Viva

Arquitectura Viva 165 features a Dossier on DesignBuild including projects by Rural Studio, CoCoon, Archintorno and many more.


Launch of the european designbuildXchange platform

Working Out: Thinking while doing

is the title of the ACSA fall conference 214 at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.

Here, the EDBKN-Team (European DesignBuild Knowledge Network) will launch and test the Beta Version of the interactive "european DesignbuildXchange web-platform.


2014 Fall Conerence overview (PDF)


2014 Fall conference Program (PDF)