how to... BECOME A MEMBER?

As a fully registered member you may post projects, register your organisation, upload DesignBuild related research papers, design and construction plans, bibliographic references and other material and use the networking tool.


To become a fully registered member of the designbuildXchange platform you need to . Please note that you have to register as an individual first before creating or getting linked to an existing organisation profile. After submitting the basic registration form you will receive an email containing a link that will lead you to a page where you can set your password. After setting your password, you will be able to log in at the designbuildXchange platform. You can now continue to post your profile. To do so you have to provide ALL obligatory information in the following input mask. 


All information that you submit must be correct and complete. We will do inspections on that to verify your identity.


We invite non- academics as well as academics to become members of the network: educators, students, researchers, clients, craftsmen, members of NGO's, designers and planners, constructors, users and other related individuals.


Please keep you password secret and do not share it with others as you are responsible for all activities performed using your account.


For posting a project you first have to . Once you have logged in using your member name and password you will find the 'create content' box on your dashboard. There you will also find the 'add new project' option.


You will be guided through the project input matrix containing obligatory information as well as a variety of means for presenting and discussing your DesignBuild project: upload of related documents, images and plans, videos and detailed background information.



Organisations can be DesignBuild studios at Institutions of higher education, research entities, collaborating institutes and professional associations, local professional partners, clients and users organisations, funding organisations and others supporting DesignBuild initiatives.


For creating your organisation you first have to . You will find the 'create an organisation' option on your dashboard in the create content box. You will be guided through the organisation input matrix. If you enter your organisation in the contact input mask, this project will show up on your organisation profile page.



For getting into contact with other members of the platform you can find a contact section on each member profile page. If you are looking for members with specific expertise, characteristics or simply with the same interests as you, there are various possibilities to do so: use the guided search, click on the member tab, or use the networking tool (under construction).


 and post your active member profile in order to offer and/or search for cooperation partners, project assistance and funding, to share knowledge and contacts, and to discuss challenges. As a member you can upload DesignBuild projects and register your organisation. You can also upload DesignBuild related research papers, design and construction plans, bibliographic references and other material.


...find a project?

There are several possibilities to search for projects with special characteristics. You may use our search function. You will find it in the header on every page of the platform. You can also visit the project home page to be found in the main menu under 'projects'. The project overview worldmap helps to find projects by location.

On the member as well as the organisation profile page you´ll find the links to the related projects.


...edit a project?

For editing a project, you should be the author of the project or a group member with editorial rights.


After , choose the project you want to edit by browsing the front end or on your dashboard in the 'my contents' box by clicking the project title. This will lead you to the project profile page where you can find the input mask to do changes. Under the tab 'project group membership' you will have the chance to invite other platform members to the project group and give them the right to edit the related project or simply link and show it on their personal profile page.


The Networking Tool is currently under construction. It will be available soon.

The Networking Tool enables members to REQUEST or OFFER services or products. It contains a chronological list of postings from platform users who are looking for cooperation partners, tools and/or knowledge or are offering their skills, knowledge and/or time. In order to post a request or offer you have to be a member.

Post a REQUEST or an OFFER for services or products HERE. You can renew, edit or reset the lifespan of your post at any time; This will update the posting date to the date of the renewal. The post can also be deleted by the author at any time before the expiry date.


...offer services?

For offering services as well as seeking support for DesignBuild activities use our networking tool. It will be implemented soon.

You can search for or offer collaboration opportunities, knowledge, expertise, materials, equipment or project funding. Users can seek support from craftsmen, teachers, researchers, students, clients, related organisations and others.


DesignBuild Studios, for instance, can seek clients or NGOs with project requests, students to join the project team, other DesignBuild Studios for participation or local experts to support project implementation.


As a client-organisations or NGO you can seek the assistance of DesignBuild Studios, search or offer project funding or find expert knowledge.


Members of the building industry, for example, can offer collaboration in design or research projects, specific expertise or project funding.


However please note that irrelevant posts, such as politically motivated posts, sexual content or commercial messages, are not allowed.


...find project support?

You can also search for members or organisations with specific expertise through our search function and contact them directly

Seeking special project support you can either use our networking tool or open a thread in your project forum as soon as this tools are implemented. Every member with a full registration is allowed to do so.

...share documents?

Network members can upload documents with their project profile.

All content you share must be relevant for the DesignBuildXchange platform. Irrelevant content, such as politically motivated posts, sexual content or commercial messages, is not allowed.

As soon as the Library Tool will be implemented, you woll have the permission to upload documents and bibliographic information.




...find literature?

This tool is still under construction. It will be soon available soon.

We welcome everyone to browse our DesignBuild library where network members can post information for direct download or as bibliographic references. The library database contains research papers, books, articles and project documentations, as well as plans, videos and other useful material. Please note our General Terms and Conditions and related Creative Commons licenses.


...submit news/events?

For submitting news or events related to DesignBuild please contact us directly, providing us with supporting material that should appear with the announcement:

...make a donation?

Donation for the platform

If you wish to make a donation for the further development of the dbXchange platform, you are more than welcome: The VFFA (Verein der Freunde und Förderer der Studiengänge Architektur der TU Berlin) is a registered non for profit association that supports architecture in research and teaching at the Technische Universität Berlin.



keyword:  dbXchange

Bank: Deutsche Bank 24


IBAN: DE45 1007 0024 0015 5135 00


Donation for projects

If you wish to donate for a special project please contact the contact person of the project for your request.