Actes & Cités

c/o AIR

6, rue Léon Jouhaux
75010 Salles

established 2015


Actes & Cités aims to make for the dignity of people in their living environment in France and the world. Do by improving frameworks and poor living conditions, unworthy and / or risks in all their forms. Do the research, analysis, diagnosis, representation, understanding, skills before the action, Make and build projects using the expertise of all and particularly of local actors: architectural and landscape, urban, artistic, literary, technical and construction, social, legal, psychological, etc. Make the empowerment, participation, through education, through collaboration, partnerships by emphasizing the exemplary action on the mass response, without excluding the large-scale work. The activities of the association include the creation of events, the establishment of facilities and artistic and social interventions, the construction of sustainable buildings, experimental, or temporary, the development of public spaces, etc. Know and communicate on all media, report, explain, tell.


A Halt in Grande Synthe


by: Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Paris Belleville
Project Status: Dismantled Project
Year of Completion: 2015
Scale of project: M - Medium
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