dbXchange e.V.

Nina Pawlicki
c/o TU Berlin, Natural Building Lab
established 2017


The dbXchange.e.V. was founded in order to further conduct and develop the dbXchange Platform and network. It is a non profit association that promotes the implementation, distribution, and sustainability of the DesignBuild methodology.

The dbXchange e.V. is an association under German law, registered in Berlin, Germany. We encourage every individual to become Member of the dbXchange e.V.

If you are interested, please let us know: info@dbXchange.eu


The co-founders of dbXchange e.V.

Prof. Ursula Hartig, (chairwomen) Architect, Hochschule München; CoCoon – sector for contextual construction 

Bernadette Heiermann, (chairwomen)  RWTH Aachen, design.develop.build

Nina Pawlicki, (chairwomen) Architect, TU Berlin, CoCoon – sector for contextual construction 

Prof. Judith Reitz, Peter Behrens School of Architecture (treasurer)

Simon Colwill, Landscape Architect,  CoCoon – sector for contextual construction 

 Prof. Dr. Peter Fattinger, Architect Technische Universität Wien, design.build

Matthias Kestl, Technische Universität München, TUM DesignBuild




Registered Members
Matthias Kestel Architect
Member of board
Prof. Dipl. Ing. Judith Reitz Architect
Member of Board, Treasurer
Simon Colwill Landscape Architect
Member of Board
ddb-rwth-aachen Architect
Nina Pawlicki Architect
Ursula Hartig Architect

Internal Network
Networking, Education, Knowledge transfer