Department of Architecture UDLAP

Universidad de las Americas Puebla
Santa Catarina Mártir
Academic Organisation
established 1986


The Department of Architecture at UDLAP is an international working group that seeks to carry out participatory and research projects of a multidisciplinary nature. Mainly seek to unite knowledge and experience among academics of architecture, engineering and urban planning.


Cholula, Tochimilco

Academic Levels
  • Bachelor of Architecture

Registered Members
Dr.Eng Melissa Schumacher Architect, urban planner and ruralist
Associate professor
Dr. Eduardo Gutiérrez Juárez Architect and urban planner
Associate Professor
Dr. Anne K. Kurjenoja Architect and Researcher
Head of Architecture Department UDLAP
Dr. Edwin González Meza Architect and Technology specialist
Associate Professor

Internal Network
Department of Architecture
External Network
Project development & workshops
Master coordinator
Construction Methods/Techniques