Design/Planning Office


IntuyLab is an international Association of Architects that dedicates its work to the investigation, exploration and transformation of our cities, the territory and its relation to human being. We are a group of professionals that decided to rethink the way in which we were trained to face the challenges posed by cities and citizens of the 21st century.


Through our investigation, design and placemaking projects, as well as international workshops and cooperations with local comunities and universities from all over the world, we promote the collective transformation of territory as a resource to live in more human environments. We are interested in interdisciplinary cooperations to generate an exchange of knowledge on the international context and to finally reach through this a bigger impact and sustainable projects.




Registered Members
Architect Walter JP Soto B. Architect
Community engagement
José Cepero Architect
Giancarlo Pava Architect
Construction Methods/Techniques