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The philosophy of the Laurentian School of Architecture is founded upon pride of place. This philosophy embraces the resiliency of northern people and the unique beauty of the northern Ontario landscape. Located at the crossroads of the City of Greater Sudbury in the downtown core, Canada’s first new architecture curriculum in over 45 years opened at Laurentian University in 2013. The School of Architecture is an unfolding experiment in emerging pedagogies and diverse cultures. Our unique architecture program highlights design and culture for northern Ontario with an emphasis in developing expertise in wood. The study of architecture generally raises our awareness of the holistic and aesthetic nature of the design of the built environment. Laurentian’s Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) undergraduate program focuses on design, culture, technology and professional practice. Architecture students take electives on the main Laurentian University campus, while Design Studio and other mandatory architecture courses are held at Laurentian School of Architecture’s downtown site. Design Studio courses challenge students’ creativity through the application of practical building solutions for northern climates, taking into account cultural sensitivities, diverse histories and community profiles. Our French, English, Métis, and Anishinabek faculty and student body is unique to Laurentian’s tri-cultural mandate; conducting design studios in both French and English, as well as working with Elders and guests who are First Nations and Métis, provides a further array of cultural and educational perspectives. Finally, our new architecture buildings will complete an innovative facility that is both dynamic and environmentally sustainable.


Unique features of the BAS program include Design-Build and Community-Design projects that expose students to real community issues and hands-on building experience. Design-Build projects include the design and construction of ice-fishing huts, canoes, saunas, and other northern artifacts. At Laurentian, students develop an appreciation for the integration of indigenous and natural materials in building and site design, as well as cultivate an understanding of the importance of collaboration and interaction with other students, faculty, and community groups. Strongly rooted in a cooperative education model, the first work-term in the architecture program takes place in industry and related fields, while the second work-term takes place in an office for architecture or a related design field.




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