Planning and Building in a Global Context

Hochschule München
Fakultät 01 Architektur
Academic Organisation
established 2016


The department is dedicated to the practise- oriented teaching and research method DesignBuild: DesignBuild takes students from their studio desks into the physical world of human interactions and construction. It offers the unique chance to experience some of the greatest challenges of creating built environments for and with people.

DesignBuild Projects must:

  • be based in higher education.
  • have a brief, budget and timeframe.
  • be built.
  • have students involved in the design AND construction of the project.

Ursula Hartig head of the department forms part of the CoCoon-Studio team.




Latin America

Academic Levels
  • MA

Registered Members
Ursula Hartig Architect, Teacher
Lorena Burbno Architect
Ursula Schmid Architect
Sebastian Oviedo Architect
Former Members

Internal Network
Faculty 02 Construction Engineering
Construction Engineering
Prof. Dr. Jörg Jugwirth
External Network
Planning and Implementation
Sergio Palleroni, Marta Petteni
Atarraya Architects
local collaboration
Lorena Burbano, Sebastian Oviedo
Construction Methods/Techniques