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The Institute develops and teaches in the field of contemporary art, culture and experimental architecture. We understand “Tangible Utopias” as the implementation of the innovative and visionary, as being a basic requirement for architecture.  Based on the assumption that research is always linked to discovery and that discovery is deeply affected by aspects of the new, the unknown and the future – this notion of “Tangible Utopias” is the principle objective of our research and our teaching.

On the one hand, our architectural understanding is based on the pragmatic values which are the aim of all excellent architecture and on the other hand, emotional aspects take centre stage. But, rather than just producing written instructions, we also seek to support the creation of exemplary 1:1 architectural installations. The aim of creating such “follies” is to draw the attention of people to aspects of their daily world that they had previously not really noticed. The shared goal of realizing an architectural design at full scale becomes a driving passion. 




Function Care / Education
Project Status: Completed / Usage Phase
Year of Completion: 2015
Scale of project: M - Medium
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Project Status: Completed / Usage Phase
Year of Completion: 2012
Scale of project: S - Small
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Walter Prenner


Europe, South Africa
Construction Methods/Techniques