20Kv08 Dave's Home

When the Studio reached the eighth iteration of the 20K Home, the student team looked back through each of the previous homes to analyze the strategies employed by their predecessors. Instead of beginning anew, the team used 20Kv02 Frank’s Home floor plan and the ‘shotgun house’ typology as a starting point. Though the building footprint is identical to Frank’s Home, the porch space on Dave’s Home has been redistributed to allow a larger front porch, small back stoop, and more interior square footage. Partitions enclose the bedroom and bathroom spaces. Construction techniques were standardized to shorten the build time, allowing more money to be budgeted for materials, instead of labor. Dave’s home was a turning point for the 20K Home project and, though it was not established until later, became the first model in the 20K Home Product Line.

Images and Plans