add on. 20 höhenmeter

For six weeks "add on. 20 höhenmeter" transformed Vienna’s Wallensteinplatz into a centre of urban interaction: A temporary structure capable of communicating and interacting with the general public was temporarily set up as a usable object with its own infrastructure in the middle of an urban square. The basic structure of "add on" consisted of different platforms that rose twenty meters high. In them custom-made spatial modules interlocked with prefabricated parts that had been imaginatively altered from their original functions. As an environment accessible to the general public, the entire installation was an invitation to explore new worlds, and offered a wide range of views and vistas at various levels.

The result was a fascinating diversity of perspectives of everyday life, of our surroundings in general, and more specifically of the location of the social platform itself. Accommodation was available in a separate wing. Here guests and invited artists could stay overnight in various modules designed by students of architecture.

“add on” functioned as a venue offering a dense programme of cultural events.

Images and Plans


Collaborating Organisations
KÖR-Vienna, Fund for Public Art of the City of Vienna
KÖR-Vienna, Fund for Public Art of the City of Vienna

Academic Discipline(s)
25 Students
Academic Level(s)
Master of Architecture
Academic Facts

Site / Structure Dimension
28 x 12 x 20 meters (length x width x height)
Project Start
Project Context
Community / Culture | Hospitality | Sports / Play / Recreation
Construction Methods/Techniques