A fence called "Tante Helge" and Campus Gardening

The 'Landscape Architecture Garden' is an experimental place for students of landscape architecture at the TU Berlin.

"Tante Helge": The wooden fence with adjacent paving and garden areas was designed in 2013 through a student competition. The winning design "Tante Helge" is a wooden fence structure in 3 main segments, its installed diagonally in order to create interesting spaces on both sides as well as views into and out of the garden. The fence also forms a dynamic entrance space and paths allowing access to neighbouring institutes.

Campus Gardening: The gardens orthogonal structure, designed and built by students a few years ago, allows for a well-proportioned garden layout together with more wild areas. Small 3x3meter cells are used for 'campus gardening'. This ongoing pedagogic activity allows communication, experimentation with plants & food and for recreation during studies.


Images and Plans


Technical Description

The fence "Tante Helge" was built by students in modules using 3 different kinds of wood. As part of ongoing research throughout the following years the aging processes and condition of the wood is being observed and documented at regular intervals.

The fence was built in 3 segments and is in total ca. 20 meters long and 1,8m high. The fence was built by the students and supported by staff at the universities woodworking shop. Paving materials sponsered by Godelmann Beton were laid to create an entrance space as well as paths leading to and from the research garden.


Material sponsoring
Firma Godelmann

Academic Discipline(s)
Landscape Architecture
15 Students
Academic Level(s)
Academic Facts

Site / Structure Dimension
Fence ca. 20m long , Height ca. 1,8m
10000 €
In Kind
Materials from Godelmann Beton, Working boots from Elten Safety Style
Other Budget
Carpentry: TU Holzwerkstatt (Technical University Berlin Woodwork Shop)
Length of Planning/ Design Phase
1 Semester (15 Weeks)
Project Context
Care / Education | Production | Agriculture / Foresting / Gardening
Construction Methods/Techniques