"fo(u)r friends" himalaya school extension

team "supertecture" has been invited to design and build four builduings for the extension of the Shree Shila Devi School in Dhoksan (a tiny village in the municipality of Shankarapur). All buildings are relatives in size and shape. In terms of materials they could not be more differnetly. 
We have fallen in love with Nepal's unlimited building ressources and we tried to show traditional and alternative building strategies. 
Every individual house was planed and realized by a German student of architecture.

Images and Plans


Technical Description

the brick house 
is built from over 14.000 individual donated bricks and 40 different brick bondings. Even the roof's two pitches are made from different roof tiles. The wall walls are reinforced with a traditional Nepalese sal wood technique.
the earth-house
is made of five different rammed earth layers. local earth with:
cement, white cement, straw, pine needles and cow shit
The roof is made with self-treated bamboo (borum-salt and smoke) and it is covered with straw of rice
the rock house 
is built out of local rocks (shaped into round windows) and local rocky erthquake-roof-slades.
A net seperates the first and a second floor.
the window house 
contains a library, a slide and an open multi-purpose floor on the upper story.
In total we used 700 earthquake windows to build the facades and the roof.
The building's frame is a German engineering sal wood construction.


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