IET_Introducción a la Construcción

The course IET_Introducción a la Construcción (Introduction to Building) is a Design Building studio with more than 10 years old at the architecture faculty of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Its a 3rd semester bachellor course were an average of 50 students face for the first time on their careers the difficulties of a DBS. At the end of the semester they have to design a pavillion-like structure that comes as the result of several 1:1 scale tasks regarding structural stability and design optimization, were the studets work on groups of 5-6 and have to manage a budget of ca. 250 eur (pro group). That budget is for the tasks, and what remains is used to build the final structure. 


Images and Plans


Technical Description

The academic team decides during the course of the lessons the results of those structures and define a final pavillion to be ensembled by all the students. In this case, the structure is a variation of a Zollinger Vault, where one end begins as a curve but in mid-air turns into a straight line. The students had to learn how to calculate the dimensions of the lamellas and how to modify their geometry in order to make the curve-line succession. The whole pavillion building process took only 3 days. This course was dictated by teachers Claudio Vásquez, Diego Arroyo and Miguel Delso


Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Architect. MSc Miguel Delso Paez


Academic Discipline(s)
59 Students
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Academic Facts

Site / Structure Dimension
The structure was placed on the Faculty Patio, measuring 12 sqm. and 3.2 meters high.
2000 €
0 €
In Kind
Students and teachers support the course budget with ca.40 eur each. this becomes the budget to the whole semester, including modelling, prototypes and the final construction.
Project Start
August 205
Project Context
Sports / Play / Recreation
Other Focus
Experimental structures
Construction Methods/Techniques