KCDC - Kyaninga Child Development Centre

The “Kyaninga Child Development Center” is a NGO that provides children with disabilities in western Uganda with urgently needed therapies. KCDC cares for children with a variety of disabilities who do not receive medical care outside of the center.  At this new location the disabled kids and their families are successfully supported through medical applications, treatment and education, enabling them to live an independent life.

In order to integrate the affected (in addition to their treatments) into the social structures of society, KCDC operates various sustainable businesses in tourism and agriculture in which former disabled people and healthy employees work together.  With the construction of a new therapy center in the district capital, the range of care available can be expanded and the high demand can be met. Particular importance in planning are climatic and hygienic requirements, as well as simple and resource-saving construction techniques.

The first step of the complex are rooms for therapy. In the following years it should be extended to an greater area with classrooms for integrative classes and everything you need for a good workaround at a school.

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Uganda Martyrs University ( Project Implementation )
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Care / Education | Health
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