Mzamba School Art Room

In 2017 the Art Room was completed as the last section of the preschool facility. This building closes off the site on the eastern side and, together with the neighboring classrooms, demarcates the central square where larger school events take place. The Art Room is connected with the Class R building by the veranda and a small paved yard. Besides its function as an extension to the teaching area for the preschoolers, the area is also used for performances and exhibitions. Large, completely shaded glasswork provides good illumination for the space and emphasizes, on the side of the square, its special importance for the whole school. On the back wall, a window placed high up frames the view of the sky over the Indian Ocean.

An important component of the building is the covered free area with a washbasin. Concrete blocks here have little mirrors mounted on them, which attract children of all ages. Behind this is a large tank for the water supply.. The canopy and the main roof of the building are arranged so that all the rainwater can be captured in the central gutter and fed into a tank.

Images and Plans