Mzamba School Grade RR

In 2015 an additional classroom was built next to the first completed building as an extension of the preschool. The form of roof, the verandas and common approach area, as well as the surfaces in the same plaster sand, emphasize the connection between the two classes. The big roofed entrance produces an approach area for the whole preschool which clearly includes the playground in front of it and so defines the entrance of the whole school village. The level change in the site was integrated in the classroom by the use of different levels which created a clear zoning of the different activities. The classroom, which is completely illuminated by large glass areas on the southern side, is visible even for children from the slightly raised entrance and the cloakroom.

For economic reasons all the walls, unlike in the neighboring buildings, were built from the easily obtainable hollow blocks and strengthened with reinforcements because of the length and height of the wall. An unplastered concrete ring anchor stabilizes the long side of the external walls and makes the roof construction stand out visually. Holes in the boards enable continuous removal of heated air for passive ventilation of the classroom.

Images and Plans