Trestykker 2014

Trestykker 2014 was an independent workshop organised by five architect students from NTNU, for landscape architectural studies at Ås (NMBU) and the three architecture schools in Norway (NTNU / BAS / AHO). Trestykker was in 2014 arranged for the 6th time, following a number of successful projects in Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim. The workshop was held at Brekstad, Ørland, and 30 students participated in the design and construction of a city park.

The focus throughout the project has been adapted to the location, reuse, and to focus on the process. During the workshop, participants made contacts across schools and gained experience in team work whilst gaining an understanding of how a project goes from design to construction. The city park is now available for anyone who wants to use it, as a part of the development of the coastal town of Brekstad. We also hope that it will be an inspiration for architecture and landscape architecture students. 

Images and Plans

Technical Description



Architecture students from NTNU, AHO and BAS and landscape architecture students, NMBU
Ørland municipality
Steffen Wellinger, August Schmidt

Academic Facts
Transportation of Skill
Project Context
Community / Culture
Construction Methods/Techniques