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In 2011, the studio was invited by NGO Caritas Vienna, to create a homebase and competence center, where the team of youngCaritas can provide knowledge, support and infrastructure to socially engaged young people. A place for workshops, meetings, benefit-events and lectures, where young volunteers can meet to organise social projects.

As initial part of the project we were also asked to find a location that is easily accessible by public transport and that has a strong public presence and visibility in the street.

We finally found a perfect site, a vacant railway arch, which was designed by Otto Wagner at the end of the 19th century, close to a public transport interchange and extremly open to the street.

For the arch, which at the highest point was over 10 metres high, the 25 students developed a freestanding, multi-story, functional furniture, which, like a spiral, was connecting many different functions on various platforms.

In the design phase the vacant arch was already used by the students as seminar- and classroom for the project, what gave them the rare opportunity, to develop the design right in the place you design for.

After 7 months of designing and applying for building permission, the students transfered their plans into built reality, which took them another 11 months.

Except for 2 steelbeams, the entire construction was made of wood, which was handcut and mounted on site by the students.

Since April 2013 the actionFabrik is operating and enjoys a high afflux of socially engaged people, using the infrastructure to work on various social-projects.

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Alsina Alba, Boschitz Nicole, Bujak Magdalena, Cmolik Sarah, Dunkel Georg, Goedhart Philipp, Gschwandtner Kerstin, Heidegger Andreas, Huber Dorothee, Krauk Angelika, Lassacher Katharina, Lederer Jasmin, Leitner Oliver, Mraz Stefan, Nikousokhan-Tayar Nicky, Pfeifer Julia Maria, Rainer Kathrin, Sacher Carina, Sahr Nora Amelie, Stohl Florian, Viertauer Joscha, Wahle Julius, Weißenböck Martina, Wimmer Jörg, Winkler Erwin, Wolf Mariella
youngCaritas Wien
Mag. Alice Uhl
Collaborating Organisations
Project Implementation
Caritas der Erzdiözese Wien, Bauprojektmanagement
Caritas der Erzdiözese Wien

Academic Discipline(s)
26 Students
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Project Start
Length of Preparation Phase
2 months
Length of Planning/ Design Phase
7 months
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Community / Culture
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