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Aims and expectations

Concept to Construction:

The Build Lightly Studio curriculum takes design education beyond the desk to actual project construction; that is: the hammer swinging, the power tool-wielding, the early morning team meetings fueled by adrenaline (and, more often than not, too much coffee)! Build Lightly Studio is a collaborative design/build program pairing architecture professionals with participants who design, construct, and deliver projects to community clients in various locations around the world. The results? A real project created from community engagement, consensus-based design, that treads lightly on the land, for a client that otherwise would not be able to “afford” professional services.

Build Lightly participants come away with a sense of confidence in design, construction, project management, team leadership, and environmental stewardship… that culminates in a fully-realized project to add to their portfolio. It’s time to step up, leave the cubicle, and inspire each other.

Short CV

Miriam Gee is a licensed architect, aspiring builder, design/build instructor, and green building consultant. For Miriam, there is no greater satisfaction than building your design with your own two hands.

After spending more than six years of traditional employment with award-winning architecture firms in the Pacific Northwest and Hawai’i, Miriam has adapted her career to focus on education through design/build. A competent project architect with an interest in environmental design, she excels in collaboration, project management, and community engagement. To date, Miriam’s experience as an educator through Build Lightly Studio includes: Asheville Design Center, Yestermorrow Design/Build School, University of Washington Neighborhood Design/Build Studio, and the Univerity of Hawai’i at Manoa, archawai’i program.


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Washington, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Vermont, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Hawaii

training the next generation of collaborative thinkers, consensus-based design, public interest design, community engagement, energetic, fun, failure is not an option!
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