MArch Iris Nöbauer


Hauptplatz 8
4020 Linz

earth construction

Aims and expectations

At the moment I am working on my master thesis in which I am trying to analyze the sustainability of students design build project in developing countries. So here I hope to find organizations with experience and know-how to talk to and to exchange ideas with.

Short CV

communicative - I think that’s the best word to
describe me.

The architecture I design is responsive to its
inhabitants and with its surroundings. May it be in
Europe, in Africa or in India - places where I have
already worked.

Intensive engagement with materials and the focus
on working with my own hands.

The photographs I take convey a certain flair of a
landscape or catch the character of a person in a

Trying to learn as many languages - right now I know
six of them - as possible so I can talk to people in as
many places all over the world as possible.

Travelling to get to know to other cultures and their
way of live.

Combining aspects of architecture, graphics,
photography and handicraft - that’s what I am doing.


Austria, India, South Africa, Bolivia

Role in DesignBuild Network