Assistant Professor Elias Messinas


POBox 100
18010 Perdika

Aims and expectations

I am an architect by training, with extensive experience in sustainable design and with an environmental and social approach to design. As a student of Architecture I was inspired by the late Egyptian architect Hasan Fathy - whom I met in Cairo in 1989 - to become more aware and involved to the needs of local communities. During the past 12 years I have established academic and non-academic programs to engage students of architecture and young professionals in hands-on designbuild activity. Through the ECOWEEK programs and design studio projects, young professionals and students of architecture, landscape architecture and design, are exposed to real-life processes in design and architecture, work with local communities in real sites, learn to use materials and tools, learn, train and are empowered to become involved in making interventions and bringing positive change to their cities, neighborhoods and communities.

Short CV

Architect, Environmental Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Educator. Founding Chairman of ECOWEEK. Graduate of the Yale School of Architecture, Environmental Design Dept. of Bezalel Academy, and with a doctorate degree from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). Also attended an M.Sc. on Environment and Development at NTUA. His published research includes passive-solar retrofits in existing housing buildings in the desert, and the integrated development of an island in Greece. Teaches sustainable design at Patras University, Technion Institute of Technology, Holon Institute of Technology and is the author of numerous articles, two books, and the editor of several catalogues and ECOWEEK The Book#1: 50 Voices for Sustainability. He has written and published extensively, lectured widely and has exhibited his work, research and travel sketchbooks in Europe and the US. Elias is the founding chairman and coordinator of international NGO ECOWEEK, which he established in Greece in 2005 with the mission to raise environmental awareness and to promote social and environmental sustainability through design. ECOWEEK organizes international conferences and design workshops for young architects and designers in more than 15 countries with an international network of members in 56 countries. ECOWEEK is offering innovative solutions that benefit the local economy and community and promote sustainability.



Europe, Middle East

architecture; design; sustainability ; organization; logistics; bridge; partners; stakeholders; funding;

Role in DesignBuild Network