Designer Michael MacLean

FreeLab & Coastal Studio

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
6135 University Ave
Halifax NS B3H 4R2

Short CV

I am a designer and artist currently living in Halifax, Nova Scotia where I recently completed my Master's Degree in Environmental Design Studies - Design Build at Dalhousie University. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design from Concordia University in 2017. Within my art and design practice, I am striving to work closely with communities, bringing them into the process. Through my intermedia background in design and art, my work attempts to mix contemporary and traditional technologies, and I am currently striving to bridge the gaps between design and build through community-based projects. I am influenced by my rural Quebec upbringing and time spent in northern Canada. He is interested in how narratives of isolation in rural communities and urban cityscapes affect life, design, and the arts.


Northern Canada and Nova Scotia

engagement, youth work, adapt,

Role in DesignBuild Network