Dr.Eng Melissa Schumacher

Department of Architecture Universidad de las Américas Puebla; Santa Catarina Mártir s/n
72810 Cholula, Pue.

Aims and expectations

My goal is to motivate architecture and engineer students to work side by side with local rural communities, in order to educate future "bare-foot architects" and urban planners.

Short CV

Melissa studied Architecture at UDLAP, has a MSc in urban planning by Barcelona Tech, and a Doctor of Engineering in Land Management by TU München. She is Mexican and German Citizen, born in Mexico City but raised in the country side, and in the sacred city of Cholula. Nowadays she works as a professor and researcher at the Department of Architecture UDLAP. She is responsible of community service and participatory design projects for students, focused in traditional neighborhoods and resilient rural communities.



Tochimilco, Mexico

land management, Mexican vernacural architecture, participatory design, rural planning
Role in DesignBuild Network