Equity Researcher & Designer Marta Petteni

United States

Humanitarian Architect | Graphic Designer

Short CV

I am an Italian licensed architect, AIA International Associate, freelancer, and researcher specialized in working with underserved communities and in emergency and post-disaster scenarios.

I currently work as Associate | Equity Researcher & Designer at Opsis Architecture in Portland, Oregon (USA). At Opsis, I work on a variety of projects by merging research, design, and action, to investigate, promote, and engage in inclusive design solutions focused on addressing social and environmental issues, including racial equity, environmental (in)justice, and community resilience. Prior to joining Opsis, I have worked at the Homelessness Research & Action Collaborative and the Center for Public Interest Design at Portland State University (PSU) – two interdisciplinary research centers focused on using design and data to address the growing needs of historically marginalized communities locally and worldwide. I am also a member of the Board of Representatives for Architecture in Development (A--D), a Disaster Shelter Supervisor with the American Red Cross, and a Researcher and Graphic Designer with the United Nations (UN Women).

Since 2015, I have worked on a variety of research and design-build projects in Italy, Spain, Ecuador, Fiji and the United States, covering various roles – as a team member of for-profit and non-profit organizations, as an independent consultant and an adjunct professor at Portland State University. Prior to that, I completed my studies at University of Gdansk, Poland; University of Quito, Ecuador; and Politecnico of Milan, Italy, where I earned a Bachelor and Master in the Science of Architecture with the highest honors. I then earned a second Master in International Cooperation and Sustainable Emergency Architecture at UIC Barcelona.

I am fluent in Italian, English, and Spanish. I love traveling to different places, exploring new cultures, immersing myself in nature and eating a tasty lasagna plate when at home.



USA, Italy, International