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Aims and expectations

The best architecture is the one which is not build. If absolutely necesary the construction must have a social-public-educational component while being an example of bestpractices. working with what is availbe, on hand. Transfering lessons multidisciplinarily with all actors in the design, construction with the final users involved and participating.

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Ensusito (En su sitio , On the site)

We are a team of interdisciplinary thinkers: architects, designers, musicians, creators, whom for over 15 years have worked in the drift of society, with a deep reflection-thought on the surroundings in which we collaborate; incorporating in work, research and school through the Con Lo Que Hay workshop, the thought of coherence, social conscience and economy. Based in Quito-Ecuador, living, practicing and celebrating with what is available on the spot.

Design - Construction - Participatory Workshops - Photography - Professional Consulting - Talks - Publications - Private and Public sector consultancies - Research - Music - Teaching – Learning - Prototypes – Objects - Processes - Knowledge transfer – International – Community projects with participatory design and construction – Community outreach – Academic Internationalization (COIL)

Cynthia Ayarza, Architect (PUCE-FADA 2001), as part of ENSUSITIO covering a diversity of public and private projects. In all processes working together with clients, questioning the need and anchored in the site seeking the common good. Advising in the Con Lo Que Hay WorkshopFADA-PUCE, generating scientific articles from different experiences.
Co-Chair of the Latin American Structural Engineering and Construction Conference of ISEC Society. Previously working at CKG Architects Philadelphia USA (2004-2007) developing residential projects and universal accessibility projects for the Philadelphia-SEPTA subway system. As part of Runkaria producing and designing “Libro de Obra” (2003) for Architect Handel Guayasamín.

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With what is available.